Woman Drags An Old Tree Into Her Home And Uses It To Save Herself A Fortune

Cats are wonderful, but one of the downsides of living with one is that they’ll often turn your lovely, expensive furniture into a pile of shredded fabric and wood. They just can’t help themselves! It’s not that cats want to destroy all of your possession; it’s just part of their nature to sharpen their claws and keep them in tip-top shape.

But one woman, in particular, knew this all too well. So in order to give her cats something to scratch—and prevent her precious belongings from being the target—she set out to make her very own DIY cat tree that ended up being pretty incredible…

Most cat trees are pretty ordinary. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. They’re basic structures, and they don’t exactly make your house look beautiful. So it can be frustrating if you love aesthetics as much as you love your cats.

Still, the idea of building one these all by yourself can be pretty daunting. Where do you even begin? Luckily, one woman found herself in the same position, and she can serve as a real inspiration to us all!

She started by cutting down a small tree from outside, removing the leaves, and trimming all the branches. She didn’t want to start off using processed wood since that looked too boring. She really wanted to captivate her cats, after all!


Next, she cut the trunk and removed too-heavy branches so the tree would stand even without a base. This thing was going to be the center of a lot of cat activity, so it needed to be very sturdy.

Using a circle jigsaw, she then cut two base discs out of plywood for weight and stability. It was good that the tree could stand all on its own, but adding the base discs would keep it from toppling over.

The base was attached using lag screws, which were more effective for this kind of project than any other simple nail or screw. These special screws would ensure that the tree would stay connected to the base.

The tree was looking good—but she wasn’t done yet! Now that the tree was able to stand on its own and it had a supportive base that would help balance any additional weight, it was time for the next step…

From there, she used a laser level to cut the tops of the branches smoothly and evenly. If you don’t have a laser level handy, that’s fine; a standard level should get you similar results.


Then it was time to start making the platforms that would sit on the tree. Rather than just cut into the wood, the woman carefully created shapes using stencils out of cardboard.


Once this was done, she used the stencils to trace the shapes onto plywood; she then used a jigsaw to cut those shapes. Using a free form saw, like a jigsaw, enabled her to more easily create naturally organic-looking designs.


Using a belt sander, she rounded the edges to make the platforms safe for her kitties to play on. While cats are tough creatures, they can still get cuts and splinters. The woman wanted to do everything that she could to make the platforms comfortable for her cats.

Once this part was done, she decided to add a nice lacquer coat to make the platforms more pleasing to the eye. While shiny and smooth platforms wouldn’t matter much to the cats, they would still make the whole project look finished.


The project was moving forward at a tremendous clip and the tree was almost ready to go! Now, she had to figure out a way to safely mount the completed platforms onto the prepared branches…

Everyone knows how much cats like a good piece of carpet to claw, which got her thinking: perhaps what her platforms really needed was a nice patch of carpet for them to really tear up? So she went to work on cutting carpet…


Finally, she added some rope so the cats would have plenty of texture to grip while they were climbing. Although the cats would probably have no trouble climbing the bare branches of the tree at all, the rope was an added measure that would also help preserve the tree trunk.

And presto! That’s one impressive kitty playground. While it might be indoors, there was no denying that this DIY cat tree managed to completely capture the beauty and wonder of the outside world. These were some seriously lucky kitties!

One of her cats even gave it a thorough inspection. You can tell that this cat was totally elated to start climbing up and exploring her new tree! Cats spend so much of their day lying around, and it’s nice to see they appreciate the new activity.

This DIY cat tree was clearly a hit! Just an hour after it was installed, the woman’s cats were making good use of it. At first, they just seemed curious about the new addition, but before too long they totally made it their own.


Now, the owner didn’t have to worry about her cats messing up her furniture! This kitty seemed to have accepted that this tree was his new happy home! Not a bad spot to lounge around, huh?


Hopefully, these cats didn’t start fighting over who claimed the top perch! Who doesn’t love making DIY projects like this for our favorite animal friends to enjoy? Just ask Debbie who had the most fabulous idea to treat her bird buddies…


A woman named Debbie was at a local yard sale when she noticed this birdbath. She loved it, but it was nearly cracked in half. That’s when she had a curious thought: rather than turn it down, she could give it new life. How she did that, however, was a little unusual.

The first thing Debbie needed to do was to glue it back together. Once that was done the birdbath could actually support the birds who’d be dipping their feet into it! But glue was only the beginning; it’s what Debbie did afterward that was pretty out there!

Debbie purchased a waterproofing bonding agent that would assure the birdbath wouldn’t leak. More than that, though, she needed to make sure the surface was perfect, as she had a great idea for revamping the birdbath that she was sure no one had thought of before…

Using her new waterproofing agent, Debbie set to work giving the birdbath a facelift. She soon realized the stuff was super effective, and it was completely natural, too, so the birds could enjoy their baths safely. Not too bad, huh?

Just to be on the safe side, Debbie applied a more-than-ample amount. This way, the cracks wouldn’t just be fixed—they would be stronger than ever! Still, there was much more work to be done before this could sit in her garden.

Once the waterproofing agent had completely dried, Debbie used sandpaper to rub away the excess sealant and smooth out the surface. Once that was finished, the birdbath was officially repaired. Now it was time for the fun part!

Understandably, Debbie wasn’t in love with the cracked look the birdbath was sporting.  So, she decided to cover the cracks with a little flair! She picked out some old and out-of-date DVDS from a box and got to work cutting them apart.

That’s when Debbie ran into a minor issue. While cutting the DVDs, she quickly realized that they had more than one layer. CDs don’t have this issue, and this project can be done easily with those if you don’t want to go through the hassle of peeling DVDs. 

Debbie cut and peeled each of the DVDs, setting aside the clear fragments and using the shiniest inner layer for the birdbath. Later, when the results started to show up, she would be glad she had made that decision.

The shiny layers just caught the light in the most wonderful way. Since the birdbath was going to be outside, that look was going to be incredibly appealing out in the yard, day after day.

Even more good news came when Debbie discovered that the colorful section peeled away rather easily. Any time you can pull off a step in a DIY project with ease, life is good, that’s for sure!

In this photo, you can actually see all three layers of the discs. Who knew that DVD discs had so many distinct layers, even compared to CDs? It’s a detail that’s good to know for future DIY projects; certain layers might work for different types of crafts.

Once she figured out a basic system, it was easy to cut each of the pieces into the shape she was looking for. These little fragments were going to look so great once she placed them on the birdbath.

To protect the bright colors of the disc pieces, Debbie sprayed them with a clear topcoat. That would prevent damage from the elements, and keep each of them sparkling in the light. How neat do they look even in this picture?

Debbie then began placing the pieces on the edge of the feeder to see if she liked the result. Sometimes, when being creative, it’s best to plan out your next steps before committing to them. That way, you can test a variety of options without making any mistakes.

Don’t you love how this is starting to look? All those rainbow colors make it seem magical. Once the project is complete and the birdbath is placed in the garden, it’ll look dazzling as it glitters in the sunlight!

Absolutely no detail was spared here. Debbie even made sure to cover the lip of the bath with smaller pieces to give it a more finished feel. At this point, it was starting to look like something you’d have to buy in a store.

Once all the pieces were in place, she stepped back to marvel at her creation—and was stunned by the gorgeous results. It looked like a beautiful serving dish. No one would ever know how cracked and unsightly it looked before!

It looked completely different depending on where she was standing, too! Even though the project already seemed incredible by this point, Debbie knew that there was still a little bit of work that needed to be done before it could be truly “finished.”

She didn’t want the birds to hurt themselves over the sharp edges of the DVD shards, so she applied a layer of natural grout over the entire mosaic to fill in the spaces in between. Don’t panic, though—the reflective surface would return as soon as she cleaned it!

Once the grout dried and was washed off of the shiny pieces, the effect was simply stunning! The grout wasn’t just a safety precaution; it also gave the entire project a finished look that really made the DVD shards sparkle in the light.

This was so beautiful it might just belong in a museum! Even as a birdbath in the yard, it was sure to attract some serious attention. It’s kind of crazy to think that Debbie managed to transform a doomed birdbath into this using DVDs she had in her closet!

The white grout really served to highlight the array of colors, too. At this point, it almost looked like some sort of fancy serving dish or a custom-made decoration. It really was that attractive and professional-looking; no one would ever know This was a DIY!

Couldn’t you just stare at this all day? Debbie’s skills were inspiring. Few DIY projects turn out as flawlessly as this one did. Birds would be flocking there to bath from miles around!

So, the big question: how does the finished birdbath look outside? Well, let’s just say that it transformed Debbie’s garden into a charming place. It looked like something out of a Lewis Carroll novel, didn’t it? Alice would be blown away.

So many birds were going to be attracted to this thing that Debbie would have to start taking reservations! Otherwise, it might turn into a total mob of birds. The shiny finish was sure to delight them as they cooled off in the water!

It would take a few weeks for the grout to fully set, so Debbie would have to wait before filling it with water. In the meantime, there is absolutely no shame in staring at this thing and enjoying its beauty, right?

Once the grout finally dried, it was ready to be filled up with water—just in time for prime bird-bathing season. Then, the birds surely would be lining up to dip their wings into the hottest birdbath on the block!

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